ABOUT CBCI Education MasterMinds

India's most comprehensive and most inclusive quiz-based movement till date, CBCI Education MasterMinds is a general awareness, social skills & knowledge enhancement programme for school students across India. The Education Office of the Catholic Bishops' Conference of India is catalysing this mega-campaign, which will be executed through a carefully curated combination of Online/ OMR Sheet and live events, in association with the renowned quizmaster Adittya Nath Mubayi, who brings decades of quizzing expertise and passion to this programme and Franciscan Solutions Pvt. Ltd. an ISO 9001:2015 Certified Multinational Ed-Tech Company.

The programme will integrate messaging to sensitize students to the importance of constitutional values, moral uprightness and formation of value based convictions, and promote critical understanding regarding issues of social justice, media cultural values and political systems apart from General Knowledge.


Today’s competitive age, where children have to develop globally to achieve their goals, and keeping this in mind, The CBCI Office for Education and Culture has created a platform to offer direction to the students of catholic schools. This platform would provide them to perform on various activities and creativities where they can ardently exhibit their hidden talents, like; participating in quiz, singing, dancing, drawing, elocution and so on.

Our gifted and talented children have special abilities in certain areas, but sometimes they might not get the opportunity to expose themselves.

Every year to mark Children’s day, The CBCI Office for Education and Culture will host Education MasterMinds and talent hunt competition for children PAN India. The competition would play a good platform for discovering and encouraging young talents.