Dear Friends,

Greetings from the CBCI Office for Education and Culture, New Delhi!

As we are celebrating the completion of ten years since the “All India Catholic Education 2007” (AICEP) has been promulgated, it is a great joy to recall the way the Catholic Education Policy was drawn up with lots of research and study together with various educationists, the CRI, and the Church hierarchy. We recall with gratitude the time and efforts put in by the Bishops in charge of the CBCI Education Office at that time, especially His Excellency Most Rev. Charles Soreng SJ and His Grace Most Rev. Thomas Menamparampil SDB and the CBCI Education Office Secretaries Fathers George Palackappilly SDB and Kuriala Chittattukalam SDB. Dissemination of the content of the policy took place across the country for a number of years after it was approved by the CBCI Standing Committee on 26th April, 2007 and promulgated by His Eminence Telesphore Placidus Cardinal Toppo on 25th May 2007. Further follow up took place through training imparted regarding implementation of the policy by means of handbooks “Policy to Action Strategies” and “Positive Indicators of Implementation”. The All India Catholic Education Policy is definitely one of the CBCI Policies for which maximum effort has been put in to ensure that it is implemented. Today after ten years of its promulgation we have also made a survey, evaluation and certification of some 7000 Catholic Educational Institutions, with others in the process, to see how effectively the education we impart is based on Gospel values, providing a graphic analysis of effectiveness of implementation of the Policy to the Church hierarchy.

At this juncture, when we are also about to initiate a revision of the AICEP 2007, commemorating the tenth anniversary of this Catholic Education Policy, we are launching this commemorative National Quiz, “CBCI Education MasterMinds” for two reasons viz. to create an ongoing awareness of the AICEP as well as to bring alive the values contained and spoken of to be inculcated in the students. This quiz with a difference will deal with Moral Principles, Constitutional Values, Social Justice Cultural Value and a Critical Understanding of the Media and Socio-Political Systems apart from General Knowledge.

I invite all the Principals of Catholic Schools to extend your full co-operation and ensure participation by allowing and encouraging your students to participate in this quiz competition.

With all good wishes,

Archbishop of Calcutta and Chairperson
CBCI Office for education and Culture, New Delhi

National Secretary
CBCI Office for education and Culture, New Delhi