In house inauguration of the National Quiz competition “CBCI EDUCATION MASTERMINDS” took place at the CBCI Centre at 2.30 p.m. today, 20th September 2018. The inauguration was done by His Excellency Theodore Mascarenhas SFX, Secretary General, CBCI in the absence of His Grace Giambattista Diquattro, the Apostolic Nuncio who could not be present due to other pressing engagements. Bishop Theodore Mascarenhas was accompanied at the inaugural ceremony by Rev. Fr. Joseph Manipadam SDB, National Secretary- CBCI Office for Education and Culture, Rev. Fr. Jervis D’Souza- Deputy Secretary General CBCI, Rev. Fr. Fredrick D’Souza, Ex Director- Caritas India and Parish Priest of St. Alphonsa Parish, Delhi and Mr. Adittya Nath Mubayi - the Quiz Master along with Mr. Ranu Francis, Managing Director of Franciscan Solutions Pvt. Ltd. and others.

After welcoming all the dignitaries and the CBCI Office Secretaries and Staff and the representatives from Caritas India and the CBCI Card and the team from the Franciscan Solutions Pvt. Ltd., Fr. Joseph Manipadam-Secretary for the Office for Education and Culture, emphasized that the Catholic Bishops’ Conference of India through its Office for Education and Culture, follows up the thousands of Catholic educational institutions in India very closely as the educational institutions are the face of the Church in India in many aspects. The Catholic Church takes the mission of education with utmost seriousness.

That is why we have the “All India Catholic Education Policy 2007” drawn up very carefully after much study, reflection and discussion because having a policy is an indication of proper governance. After drawing up the policy, sufficient measures have been taken to ensure the dissemination of the policy throughout the country, initiating the institutions to move forward towards its systematic implementation. In the last three years a survey, evaluation and certification, regarding its implementation have been done in thousands of institutions across the country, drawing up a graphic analysis of the effectiveness of implementation of the policy in all the fourteen regions of India. It is this systematic effort of ten years of study, reflection and implementation of the Catholic Education Policy and not just the existence of the Catholic Education Policy that we want to commemorate and celebrate through the National Quiz, “CBCI Education MasterMinds”.

The quiz competition in which thousands of students and institutions will participate, will continue to remind us and nudge us all forward towards an onward awareness that Catholic Education is a commitment and a mission of dedication to educate the young according to the Gospel values teaching moral uprightness, social justice, cultural values and true patriotism going far beyond just academic excellence. Even as we have reached the landmark of ten years of the “All India Catholic Education Policy 2007”, we are also launching the revision and updating of the Catholic Education Policy as well.

After inaugurating the App for the CBCI Website & the “CBCI Education Masterminds”, Bishop Theodore in his short message elaborated the work done by the CBCI Offices and the progress of the work for the Church by the CBCI itself along with all the Office Secretaries and other Fathers of the CBCI. Fr. Manipadam as the conceiver of the idea of the quiz, was picked up for special praise for his efficiency and singleness of purpose in whatever is entrusted to him.

The Prelate also appreciated the participation and full co-operation that he has been receiving from the Franciscan Solutions Pvt. Ltd. by way of all technology based assistance. The programme was anchored by Fr. Anthony Fernandes while the vote of thanks was given by Rev. Fr. Jervis D’Souza - the Deputy Secretary General, CBCI. This in-house inauguration was the first of its kind and there would be further launching of the “CBCI Education MasterMinds” National Quiz at the forthcoming Annual General meeting of the “All India Association of Catholic Schools (AINACS)” at Lucknow in October and at two other national meetings of Regional and Diocesan Education Secretaries and National and Provincial Education Co-ordinators of Religious Orders coming up in November, this year.

The Quiz carries attractive prizes for the winners at the School, Regional and National Level and delightful incentives for promoters from among Teachers, Principals and Regional Secretaries. Those interested in the Quiz and introducing it in their school may contact Fr. Joseph Manipadam at joephilo2011@hotmail.com

The CBCI Mobile APP can be downloaded free from the Google Play Store (Android) or the APP Store (iOS).